After the practise of outsourcing financial processes, software development and testing sector to India, recent trends have shown a steady increase in the practice of outsourcing technical documentation to India as well. This has resulted in numerous job opportunities and an increase in curiosity among professionals across the country. There has also been a sudden rise in career transition as a number of people are switching to writing with an added advantage of domain specific knowledge.

Many writers have a diverse educational background. In fact, to qualify for a writing degree or a certification program, a graduation in any field is preferred. As writing has a vast scope in various domains, a graduate from any field can take it up as a career. A common attribute among all writers is strong language skills.

This brings us to a monumental question.


You may have a stronger-than-thou command over verbal and written English and an aptitude for technology, but a through holistic training prior to beginning your career as a professional writer is extremely crucial. A thorough insight and understanding of the technical writing concepts and methodologies is very important. And then there is the small hitch learning the software. As an industry ready technical writer, you will be required to know the writing and design tools used to create different documentation. It is advisable to equip yourself with this knowledge before venturing into the industry.

Black and White offers training in the following domains:


Technical communication is presentation of technical information through simplified conceptual and procedural writing, speech, or any other mediums to a specific target audience. Technical writing is a small yet significant subset of technical communication. Technical writers prepare, format, style, and edit technical documents that create and add value to any product.

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions offers technical writing certification programs in technical writing for aspiring technical writers. The course material includes in-depth elementary English grammar, writing skills, technical writing concepts, effective communication, and tools used in technical writing.

The course material includes rich content of technical writing concepts, tools, and language basics. The program is carefully architected with the current trends in the industry so that every student is comfortably equipped with the latest tools and technology used in the industry. With a balance between conceptual classes and lab sessions to implement the concepts, the students gain an edge over other writers.

Each batch has a fixed number of seats and trainers ensure that they don't overshoot admissions for class. The aim is to generate extraordinarily competent technical writers, not to flood the market with more average technical writers than it can handle. New batches commence every month. For more details, contact us.

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication is any form of communication that focuses on promoting and selling the products or services of a company by making using of all forms of mass media. The company can make use of advertisements, campaigns, paid publicity, websites, blogs, social media networks etc. to promote said product or service. MarCom specialists are involved in creating awareness through marketing collaterals for a specific target audience.

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions offers certification courses in Marketing Communication writing for aspiring MarCom writers. The course material includes in-depth elementary English grammar, writing skills and concepts, effective marketing communication, and tools used in writing for Marketing Communication. This course can be availed by technical writers with some industry experience, graduate students with a knack for innovative thinking and the skill to transfer thoughts on to paper, or any professional with an understanding of marketing. Field of graduation is irrelevant. As with all other writing professions, a strong command over written and communicative English is mandatory.

Through the course, the students will be taught about audience analysis, market analysis, and effective ways to write for market collaterals including and not limited to newsletters, case studies, white papers, and brochures. The importance of each of the collateral is explained further with real life case studies. The idea is for the students to analyse and differentiate good marketing strategy from the not-so-effective and improve their own strategy based on the inference. Free and independent thinking is the foundation of this course.

For further details on fresh batches and the course outline, contact us.